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Do you sing? This course is specially designed for you.
I invite you to join this unique course I’ve created to support vocalists.
The life of a vocalist is not just about spotlight, joy, and pride – it is also about the ability to
handle judgement, criticism, stress, shame, and perfectionism simultaneously. These skills
and knowledge in this area are equally as important as vocal emission and text

Anyone can sing… do you know that? Singing, as the use of vocal cords, is an activity like
any other, an activity that anyone can perform.
Vocal cords, only when combined with values, dreams, thoughts, plans, experiences,
emotions, visions, and mindset, as well as the intention of the individual, give singing a
deeper meaning, and through this, singing becomes so unique. A WokArtist is someone who
sings with awareness, and conscious singing is a carrier of values. That’s why it’s so
important for you to know who you are and where you’re going, what values you have, so
that through singing, you can bring your values to the world.

That’s why your voice is so exceptional because there are no identical vocalists with identical
dreams, goals, or experiences. When singing, your voice is filtered through your personality.
Your voice is unique because you are unique. What do you think?

If you’re wondering:
✅ how to open up to the audience
✅ how to motivate yourself for daily vocal training
✅ how to build self-confidence on stage
✅ how to deal with criticism from others
✅ how to manage stress
✅ how to appreciate yourself
✅ how to broaden your horizons
… then this course is for you

If you feel like singing, but:
✅ you don’t know where to start
✅ you’re afraid
✅ you feel embarrassed
✅ you feel like you’re not good enough
… then this course is for you

Be true to yourself

7 videos (three and a half hours) + exercise book (no time limits)
For each person who purchases the course, there is also an additional 30 minutes of free
individual online consultation
Lesson 1: The power of beliefs.
Lesson 2: Strengths and weaknesses in singing.
Lesson 3: Singing as a carrier of my values.
Lesson 4: Map of vocal dreams.
Lesson 5: About criticism.
Lesson 6: My mission and purpose – vocal compass.
Lesson 7: Your voice is your brand.