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Get to know my philosophy

Get to know my philosophy

Singing is not just about vocal cords and the speech apparatus. Singing is about breath, our
body, and mind. Singing is our heart and emotions. Singing is energy, the soul in whatever
way we understand it, that helps us express ourselves. That’s why integration and
understanding of everything is so important in building our vocal ‘self.’ It’s all within us, we
just need to tune in.

WokArt Studio

WokArt Studio
It all started in 2012 when I began teaching piano lessons in Warsaw’s preschools. However,
as a vocalist and a Polish studies graduate, I was most interested in the human voice and
words. That’s why I developed a singing education program for the youngest children and
dedicated myself to vocal education for children and teenagers. I had the opportunity to
understand the functioning of the vocal apparatus and observe how capable and open we are as children in expressing our truth and how various societal pressures and influences can restrict us, our passions, and our creative imagination.


Based on my acquired education and knowledge, as well as my experiences, travelling locally and globally, observing and listening to the world, studying books, and gaining knowledge directly from masters, I desired to create a space in which I will share my passion and knowledge, and inspire creative action. And my approach will be holistic.


Polish singer, songwriter and vocal coach.

She was born on the 2nd of February 1985 in Łowicz in the central part of Poland and spent her childhood in a small village Kocierzew Południowy, surrounded by folk music and art and crafts. She was living with her mother and grandparents. Her grandmother was an embroierer and choir singer at the local church, so as a small girl she was observing what is real passion, when you leave everything and go singing, because you love it. At the age of 6 she was chosen as a soloist to singing for the
„Kittens” school children’s vocal team. She made her stage debut at the age of 6 on the English Songs Festival, she has been featured. In 1996 she has moved with her mother near Sochaczew town and has started Secondary School and her music education in The Fryderyk Chopin State Music School at the instrumental department, in the transverse flute class, then saxophone class. Additionally, she attended
classical singing classes. During going to The Fryderyk Chopin High School (english specialization) she was singing in classical choir, playing saxophone in the orchestra for a while, singing in the autor’s rock band as a soloist and started singing in the coverbands. Then after high school in 2004 she has started studies at the University of Warsaw and has started work in a big international corporation, to discover after 4
years that her life path is music. In 2009 she went to a musical artistic camp with Maciej Pawłowski’s Autor’ Musical School from The Roma Theatre, where she heard about Aretha Franklin. She decided that she wants to sing soul and she started education in The Autor’s School of Pop Music and Jazz in the name of Krzysztof Komeda in Warsaw. She quit her job at a corporation and started her own company.
In 2009 she graduated in media specialization from the Faculty of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw. She defunded her scientific work at the Institute of Polish Culture. In pursuit of her dreams about singing she decided that she would never work for a corporation again – she was giving private vocal classes, ranning a clothing store, where she was studing Aretha’s songs in the meantime, singing in a coverband
at the weekends and studing pop and jazz music every day. In 2012 she decided to move to Warsaw and founded her music company WokArt Studio as a space for music projects and her artistic expression. She created vocal programme for teaching children in kindergartens in Warsaw and started to teach and singing in the reastaurants in the evenings. There was a time when she worked in a cleaning company in the morning and sang at a festival in the evening. She decided that she
would never give up on her way to singing at the stages.
In 2014 she graduated from The Author’s Krzysztof Komeda School of Popular Music and Jazz in Warsaw, obtained a professional singer diploma. She took part in many workshops in the field of vocal art, among other: „Strengthening your voice and vocal group” with Brian Fentress, „Gospel improvisation” with Jnr Robinson, „Breathing
workshops” with Sylwia Miszczuk from Bali, „Throat and overtone singing” workshops with E-shu, Bartek Caboń classes, acting workshops with polish famous actors, she was playing in the serials in polish tv. She has collaborated on many projects as a soloist and choir singer: „Vampire dance” with the Autor’s Musical School, „The Musical Hits”, „The 20.30.”, „The Old Gentlemen’s Cabaret”, „Gospel Songs” all with
ASMRiJ and Magdalena Ptaszyńska. She was cooperating with „ The Little filming” from The Ślesicki’s and Linda’s Warsaw Film School. She directed and appeared in a music performance with french songs „Paris
stories” with Eric Folly and gospel performance „Happy” with Jnr Robinson. She was working for a while with Polish Radio Theater and polish jazz bassist Krzysztof Ścierański. She is a winner of Awards at Polish Songs Festivals. First Award at the Cabaret Song Festival in Old Town House of Culture in 2012. First Award from the Jeremi Przybora’s Family at the „Kutno Station” in 2013., First Award at Cabaret Songs Festival in Ochota Cultural Centre 2014.
She draws her knowledge and inspirations directly from the masters and through travelling and observing the world. Based on the acquired knowledge and experience, in 2015 she started her international educational activity by conducting workshops in the Caucasus for children from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. With vocal workshops she also visited Mexico and Martinique. During 2012-2019 she has realized many music projects and performances for children and youth. In 2018 she created vocal workshops for Polish community all over the world „And how not to go here?”. First project she has realized with Polish Embassy in Tunisia. The pandemic has stopped these activities. At the same time in 2013-2016 she founded a music band with school friends, they were creating their own music, she was writing lyrics and composing melodie lines. In 2016 she stopped because of her serious health problems. After many changes in her private life in 2019-2020 she started to make her biggest dream come true – she wrote and composed herself material for her first music album with polish and english songs.
After participating in „Personal Brand Training” and „Make your life masterpiece training” with Fryderyk Karzełek and Heksagon Group in 2020 she decided to create her own training for vocalists too – an
innovative training and online course – Personal Development for Vocalists (4Voc) to support vocalists.
she is working on arrangements for her debut music albums
she is a vocal coach of pop music and teacher in theory of music and ear master class at The Autor’s School
of Pop Music and Jazz in Warsaw
she is implementing the online Vocalist Personal Development course
she is motivating, sharing her knowledge and supporting positive life changes in a private facebook group
she has created Personal Development for Vocalists



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